Computer Integrated Manufacturing ( CIM ) Setup

Computer Integrated Manufacturing ( CIM ) Setup

CIM Setup:

The Integration of the total manufacturing enterprise through the use of integrated systems and data communications coupled with new managerial philosophies that improve organizational and manufacturing efficiency.

CIM Setup Comprises of:

  • CNC Lathe Trainer with Loading Arm
  • CNC Mill Trainer with Loading Arm
  • ASRS
  • Automated Guided Vehicle
  • Pallet Conveyors
  • Assembly Station
  • Vision Inspection System ( Quality Control Station )
  • 6 Axis Robot
  • SCARA Robot
  • Cordinate Meausrment Machine
  • Electronic Height Gauge

Software Architecture:

Interfaces with a variety of machines and robots by means of device drivers (small interface programs that translate and transmit messages between the CIM manager and the machines at CIM stations).

Stores all data in standard industrial database format, allowing easy access and manipulation on any level. Data files can be read by any Windows application (e.g., Excel, Access, MS-SQL) and exported to any other application. Easily imports and uses data files from external applications.

Integration of System and Technologies:

  • Material storage and feeding (ASRS, feeders, palletizing racks)
  • Material handling (robots, conveyors, slide bases, pneumatic transfer units, Positioning tables, vises, end effectors, and tool changers)
  • CNC machining (turning, milling, engraving, automatic tool changers)
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic systems (manipulators, Chucks, feeders, vises)
  • Identification, detection, and tracking (RFID scanning, pallet tracking, sensors, Switches)
  • Quality control (machine vision, coordinate measuring machine, electronic height Gauge)
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLC)

Dynamic 3D Graphic Simulation:

  • Fully functional, dynamic 3D simulation module
  • Accurately simulates operations and movements of machines, robots, and peripheral axes, including components such as safety Doors, chucks, and spindles
  • Accurately simulates part transportation and manipulation, including the movement of pallets on conveyor and supply of parts from storage cells and feeders
  • Accurately simulates manufacturing processing, including milling, turning, engraving
  • View control: zoom in and out, rotate (pan), view from above, below and any angle in between; camera redirect (reset camera’s focal point), drag camera
  • Improves comprehension of CIM management and manufacturing processes by viewing 3D graphic dynamic on-screen simulations
  • Allows programming and operation of the CIM system without causing damage to actual equipment or disrupting the operation of the actual CIM cell
  • Enables experimentation with CIM cells in which some components actually operate while others are simulated


Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Is The Manufacturing Approach Of Using Computers To Control the Entire Production Process. It Helps Industries To An Eye On Manufacturing Prices & Thereby Increase Productivity.

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