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Full Stack Java With MEAN

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L&T Experts Led Live classes | Duration: 400 Hours

L&T Experts Led Live classes
Duration: 400 Hours

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Industry Leaders

Program Features

L&T Expert Instructors

Industry Led Curriculum

Engaging Pedagogy

Program Highlights

Explore – Remember & Understand • Analyse – Apply & Analyse • Design – Create & Evaluate

Delivery Methodology


Best in class, globally used e-learning content to facilitate self-paced learning through instructional videos.


Cloud based – no software installation required. Real-time tracking & evaluation. Real-life problem statements.

Virtual Instructor Sessions

Real time doubt clarification Live monitoring of student performance

Assessment for Certification

A remotely proctored test administered to ensure learner authenticity and adherence to exam process

What you'll learn?

Industry relevant learning. Meticulously designed for graduates and working professionals.
Languages and Tools Covered

Full Stack Java Developer With MEAN - Topics Covered

Core Java

-Object Oriented Programming
-Working with File Operations
-New Features on the latest version


-SQL Queries
-Creation of Database
-Advance SQL

Web Concepts

-Creating web page with HTML
-Mobile-First Responsive Design
-Advanced coding in Java Script
-Applying JQuery to Web Pages

Angular JS

-Creating the first component
-NG Directives
-Rest API Using Express JS
-Reactive Forms

Node JS

-File System and Command Line ARGS (NOTES APP).
-Ashychronous Node.JS
-Web Servers
-Rest APIs and Mongoose

Mongo DB

-Adding MongoDB to the Node.JS server
-Data Modelling and Schemas
-Advanced Usage

AWS Web Services

-Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (Amazon EC2)
-Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloudformation
-Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
-Amazon Web Services DataBases and Key Management Services (KMS)
-API Gateway

Web Services

-Advanced Servlet Programming
-HTTP/2.0 programming in Java
-Network security
-Node, Express, MongoDB Deployment

Java MEAN stack

The MEAN Stack is JavaScript-based framework for developing web applications.
MEAN is named after MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node, the four key technologies that make up the layers of the stack.


Document Database


Node.js web framework


A client-side JavaScript framework


The premier JavaScript web server

Key Perks

Employability Assesment

Build a strong career with our dedicated placement assistance.

Become a Full-Stack
Java Developer by building
a real world Software Applications.