Sinewave Modular Production System Trainer is Designed to Understand The Concepts of Industrial Automation

SMPST- 101 is a flexible and compact MODULAR system that includes industrial automation technologies.

SMPST – 101 comprises up to 5 independent stations with integrated control. This modular equipment features a higher number of stations in the same space, which means that more users will be able to work at the same time. Starting with an initial basic configuration station can be easily enhanced by adding workstations at later stages as per the need.

SMPST – 101 offers professional skills training to suit the world of the industry using Standardized industrial components.

The different stations such as the Feeder station, Inspection and Quality station, Buffer Station, Process Station, and sorting Station provide the system with greater flexibility, the stations adapt to a wide variety of assemblies, introducing variations in the materials, colors, and part sizes


A gravity feeder houses the parts in a column. Each part is ejected by a pneumatic cylinder. The correct orientation of the part is verified using a cylinder with a plunger after verification, the pneumatic cylinder moves the workpiece to the final position. Otherwise, a single-acting cylinder removes the workpiece via the evacuation ramp. Further, the workpiece is moved to Inspection Station.


An Inspection Stations Measures the Height of the workpiece by measurement by Linear Variable Displacement Transducer. The correct dimension workpiece is processed further to Buffer Station and the wrong one is rejected.


The Buffer can buffer and separate up to five work-pieces. Diffuse sensors at the beginning of the conveyor detect the inserted workpiece. Light barriers upstream and downstream of the separator control the process: If the transfer point is free, the separator passes on a workpiece. The separator is actuated by a short-stroke cylinder with a deflecting mechanism. The end positions of the short-stroke cylinder are detected by means of end-position sensors. The workpiece is transferred to Process Station.


In the Processing station, work-piece are tested and processed on a rotary indexing table. The rotary indexing table is driven by a DC motor. The table is positioned by a relay circuit, with the position of the table being detected by an inductive sensor. On the drilled in two parallel processes. A solenoid probe with an inductive sensor checks that the work-pieces are inserted in the correct position. During drilling, the workpiece is clamped by a solenoid actuator. Finished work-pieces are passed on via the sorting gate to Sorting Station.


This station sorts work-pieces onto three slides. Work-Pieces placed on the start of the conveyor are detected by a diffuse sensor. A pneumatic stopper with an integrated valve stops the workpiece before the sorting process. Sensors upstream of the stopper detect the work-piece features (black, red, metal). The cylindrical work-pieces are sorted onto the appropriate slides via electric deflectors. A retro-reflective sensor monitors the fill levels of the slides.

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